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2013 Submissions

Two Chords, One Heart Solo Instrument Song
In The Abyss Solo Instrument Song
.:the art of life:. Miscellaneous Song
Omoide No Umi Dubstep Song
.:illusion of hope:. Ambient Song
.:Wake Up:. Miscellaneous Song
.:phobia:. Ambient Song
.:In Between:. Classical Song
.:Regrets:. Trance Song
.:Lordly Caliber:. Classical Song
.:Remembering Yesterday:. Miscellaneous Song
.:Webs We Weave:. Miscellaneous Song
You Weren't There Ambient Song
.:Better Days:. House Song
.:Take It Easy:. Jazz Song
.:Metal Mob:. Heavy Metal Song
.:Fantasies:. Miscellaneous Song
.:Everything Ends:. Ambient Song
.:just a memory:. Jazz Song
.:Before Hell's Gates:. Classical Song
.:Insomnia:. Miscellaneous Song
.:Dreams:. Trance Song
.:Alone Tonight:. Miscellaneous Song
.:Random Adventures:. Video Game Song
Hero's Lament Video Game Song
.:Distant Galaxies:. Video Game Song

2010 Submissions

.:Rainbows:. Miscellaneous Song
.:The_Awakening:. Classical Song
.:Soft Words:. Miscellaneous Song
.:Promises WIP:. Trance Loop
.:Uncertainty:. Classical Loop
.:The Awakening:. Classical Song
Jazz at Midnight Jazz Song
.:Time To Let Go:. Ambient Song
.:I Used To Love You:. Miscellaneous Song
.:Voice of Despair:. Miscellaneous Song
This Is War Classical Song
.:Up In The Sky:. Trance Song
.:Act of War:. Classical Song
I'm Not Lonely (I Swear) ..WIP Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Break My Heart Miscellaneous Song
Meditation Is The Key Ambient Loop
These Empty Streets Hip Hop - Modern Song
.:A New Life v2:. Classical Song
.:A New Life:. Classical Song
Hopes & Dreams - NG Deathmatch Trance Song
Guitar recording test. Miscellaneous Song
.:The Northern Forest:. Video Game Song
Mexican Standoff live Miscellaneous Song
.:Under The Sea:. Ambient Song
.:Horizons WIP:. Trance Song
.:Lost Causes:. General Rock Song
Sinking Heart R&B Song
Something's Missing Miscellaneous Song
Even God Makes Mistakes Miscellaneous Song
-Beautiful- Blues Song
.:Traveler Between Lands:. Classic Rock Song
.:Love Knocked On My Door:. Trance Song
.:Raising The Giants:. Miscellaneous Song
.:The Final Battle:. Miscellaneous Song
.:Driven To Insanity:. Miscellaneous Song
.:In Your Soulv2:. Drum N Bass Song
.:In Your Soul:. Drum N Bass Loop
.:Still Hopeful:/ Classical Song
.:Waiting For Her:. Ambient Song
Adagio For Strings Cover Techno Song
.:When Sadness Builds Up.2:. Miscellaneous Song
Adrenaline Rush wip. Techno Song
.:Shrouded In Darkess:. Ambient Song
.:Magic Runs Wild:. Classical Song
Wishless Stars Trance Song
.:Running Away:. Voice Demo Loop
How Does I 8bit? Cover Miscellaneous Song
.:Not All Is Lostv2:. Miscellaneous Song
.:The Rising Tides:. Heavy Metal Song
When Words Don't Cut It Trance Song
We Walk Alone General Rock Song
When Sadness Builds Up Miscellaneous Song
Tralala General Rock Song
Close to Heaven Ambient Song
The Boring Song Miscellaneous Song
6AM No More Techno Song
.:Just The Beginning:. Miscellaneous Song
Goddess Of The Sea Techno Song
.:Emily:. Classical Loop
.:Bored at 2AM:. Miscellaneous Song
.:Dark Before Dawn -FINAL:. Drum N Bass Song
.:Dark Before Dawn:. Miscellaneous Song
.:Tribute to Nubbinownz WIP:. Drum N Bass Song
Requiem to an e String General Rock Song
The Nameless Melody Miscellaneous Song
Untitled WIP Classical Song
Vegetarian Prog Grindcore demo Heavy Metal Song
Southern Metal Heavy Metal Song
Sounds of Misery w/guitar. Pop Song
.:Sounds of Misery WIP:. Classical Song
Chaoz Fantasy Remix -GSE- Drum N Bass Song
FL Tutorial track Miscellaneous Loop
It's A Dream remix Trance Song
.:Never Moved On WIP:. Classical Song
Ignorance is Bliss (remix) Techno Song
.:Drifting Into Nothingness:. Ambient Song
Drifting Into Nothingness wip. Trance Song
Sorrow Had Its Wayv2 World Song
Sorrow Had Its Way Miscellaneous Song
Remember? -MAC8 Entry- Classical Song
Remember? -WIP- Classical Song
.:Sleepless Nights v2:. Classical Song
.:Sweeping Through Life:. Techno Song
.:Lost In Her Eyes:. Techno Song
.:One Last Run:. Miscellaneous Loop
.:Failure of the Heart WIP:. Classical Song
Heavenly Slides Miscellaneous Song
.:When I Come Back:. Classical Song
.:LoZ: Dark World Remix:. Video Game Song
.:Descent Into Hell WIP:. General Rock Song
.:As Time Passes By:. Classical Song
Locked and Hopeless Industrial Song
.:Before She Diesv2:. General Rock Song
.:Let's Start Over:. Techno Song
.:Not Coming Back:. Classical Song
.:Before She Dies:. Classic Rock Song
Slayer 2 Test Heavy Metal Song
.:Out of Time:. Classical Song
.:Out of Time WIP:. Classical Song
Drunk Night remix Miscellaneous Song
.:In The City:. Classical Loop
.:Sleepless Nights:. Classical Song
Sleepless Nights WIP Classical Song
Ballerina Nightmare Miscellaneous Loop
Death's Lurking Heavy Metal Song
.:Miserable Dreams:. Classical Song
.:Winter Without Her FULL:. Classical Song
.:Dark Jungle:. Drum N Bass Song
Winter Without Her WIP Classical Song
.:Rezevendous with Death:. Classical Song
.:Wherever She Is FULL:. Techno Song
.:Wherever She Is WIP:. Techno Song
.:Not All Is Lost:. General Rock Song
Metal Experiment General Rock Loop
.:Lost it All:. Miscellaneous Song
Highway Drift General Rock Loop
LoZ: Dark World Techno Techno Song
Faded Memory Techno Loop