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Pretty good, although...

Mediocre voiceacting (except for the flame dancer bit, that was brilliant. The Goron hero wasn't bad either). Seems like whoever was doing Navy got a better microphone in the middle of the recording. Should have redone the lines rather than being lazy and having half of the in low-q.

You also forgot to give Link a red suit for the volcano area, even though you prepared him for Zora's Domain.

Merely details that would have made this better. It's still a great animation, looking forward to whatever project you're working on.


Can't believe I actually lol'd. Lack of sleep is getting to me.

Nice short flash.


Rather original concept, cute art style too. I like how you showed how the goat felt and what was happening in reality.

Music fit quite nicely and I didn't get bored, which is always a plus in flash movies. I love the overall simplicity of the movie. Nice job and excuse me for the short review :)

-Review Request Club-

Graeme responds:

Short review excused.
There's not a lot to say that hasn't already been said.
Except for one little thing, that I'm surprised nobody has brought up in 45 reviews.
But I patiently wait

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Not bad.

Interesting twist on a boring concept. Unchallenging for the most part, I hope you add a lot more to this to make it as original as possible.


Not bad :D

I just realized my song's in there, appreciate it ^ ^

It's not bad for a quick flash. As the other people stated, you could try adding more stuff next time you're bored ;D

Thanks again for using my song.

RamblinEvil-Mushroom responds:

thank alot, man :)
btw i'd like to put this song in my loz game.
pm me and tell me if you're ok with it :)

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Great from start to finish. Excellent composition and production, provides enough variation to keep it interesting, and it expresses the feeling you wanted to express perfectly.

As a longtime Harvest Moon, my first impression was that this would be a great match for the game, but it really works for just about any game featuring peaceful towns.

Great job.


Bethesda called, they want their composer back.

Step responds:

Then what are you waiting for? You'd better be on your way there before you're late :3.

Thanks for reviewing!


I was going to rant about how the song has a motif, not an alliteration, but then I realized what the guy below me meant. Dammit, I should read summaries more often.

Anyway, lovely tune. Great representation of asian music and excellent use of instruments.

Nice job.

Step responds:

Thanks! :3.

Although I don't blame you. My summaries aren't exactly... summaries >.>.

Thanks again for the review!

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