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2008-11-22 02:03:30 by GronmonSE

I should start making better use of my guitar. I should write something rather than improvise, although I do think that my vegetarian progressive grindcore track is awesome.

But seriously, I'm out of ideas, life is boring on my end.

Leave a comment, don't make me sad ):

Oh and, School Days is an incredible anime. Watch it, it's only 12 episodes, seriously. Here, let's get you started.

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2008-12-03 17:09:24

Leaving a comment to prevent sadness lol. So what's this about me doing vocals on one of your tracks?

GronmonSE responds:

Oh yeah, sent you a PM just now with my MSN address.

Reason why I hadn't done it before is because I hadn't even started working on a song :D I'll probably start working on it in a week or two, I have semester exams to study for, so yeah.


2008-12-03 17:54:30

ah k. It's all good man


2009-01-13 19:01:51

oh hello :o
don't be sad :(