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2009-02-23 17:28:12 by GronmonSE

Does anybody still visit my page?

I'll make a meaningful post when I know I'm not talking to myself >:


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2009-02-23 18:58:35

I talk to myself all the time... Mostly to see if people are listening and partly because I dont trust most people... or I want to plan out a conversation so i dont look stupid...

GronmonSE responds:

I never talk to myself, so it makes me sad when I do </3


2009-02-23 19:11:38

In dont kno even kno U!How many comments R U gonna let sit B4 U make something meaningful

GronmonSE responds:

Well, it's not the number of comments that matter to me, but the number of people that actually bother posting.

10 different people would be nice I guess :D I know enough people, I just wonder if they visit my page sometimes.


2009-02-23 19:12:38

I dont think I`m talking 2 myself, Look at my Userpage and U will see.

GronmonSE responds:

You've got a lot of comments, I'm jealous >:


2009-02-23 19:13:35

What,U get a magnum and I get my BB G un taken away,well UR fuckin wite so they'll spare U!but damn!

GronmonSE responds:

Funniest thing is I'm not even white!



2009-02-27 10:58:58

*poke* Yup.

Needs more meaningful stuff though.


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