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New Song + a rant on...

2007-10-22 21:59:44 by GronmonSE

NG Courtesy, that's right. Check out my song, .:Wherever She Is FULL:. for starters please, /101975

I can't help but think that courtesy in NG is almost non-existent. Hey, some people have commented back on my songs, I'm grateful for that. But then there's people who don't bother replying or checking out your stuff (I'm guilty of that, denying it would make me a hypocrit). I've been changing such a bad habit and commenting people back on their work when I can though. Being an artist is about giving and receiving: You check out their stuff, crit, and then they do the same thing for you.

So y'know, whenever someone takes their time to comment on your songs, return them the favor. It's always nice to see people responding back. It doesn't hurt anyone, and it's common courtesy ;D


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2007-10-22 22:19:30

It's not about how the comments, or how much attention you get. It's aboyut having much making music/flash

(Updated ) GronmonSE responds:

I think there's something missing in your sentence, I can't understand it.


2007-10-23 04:37:17

Thats pretty true

GronmonSE responds:

My post or her reply? Thanks for checking out this post by the way Dazmi and Roaltyx.


2007-10-24 15:31:26

that song was awesome!
i've got on the top of my playlist now :D

and as for that comment i think she meant to say "fun" rather than "much"

GronmonSE responds:

Thanks bud ^ ^

Ah, I see.


2007-11-24 07:35:42

holy truth, man. :)