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My favorite submissions.

2009-11-26 14:07:04 by GronmonSE

Since my list of submissions is currently at 93, I've compiled this small list of tracks that I feel are worth listening to.

Love Knocked On My Door
The Final Battle
Adagio For Strings cover
When Sadness Builds Up v.2
The Rising Tides
Sleepless Nights v2 <- My most popular song on the portal and one of the ones I worked on hardest.
Sweeping Through Life <- My favorite track.
Lost In Her Eyes
Lost In Her Eyes (Genee Remix) <- Remix a friend of mine made from my song.
Magic Runs Wild
Waiting For Her
We Walk Alone
Wishless Stars

That's all my FL Studio work. Songs featuring my guitar work (aside from the solo in The Final Battle and the distorted chorus in We Walk Alone) are the following:

Driven To Insanity
Even God Makes Mistakes
Sorrow Had Its Way v2


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2009-11-27 23:22:49

I find it funny that your most popular song just happens to be the one that you worked hardest on, maybe that could remind you that if you finish your songs, they'll become more popular, and more likely to get honest (along with the typicals.. but still) reviews.

Either way, I do like your music, and I like that every time I stumble to your profile I find new stuff, keep it up, and maybe I'll start loving it someday.

GronmonSE responds:

I keep trying to be consistent but it feels impossible sometimes.

Thanks for checking out my profile.


2009-12-14 18:02:52

I think We Walk Alone is my favourite so far

GronmonSE responds:

This list is oooold. I have some new submissions that I really like ;)


2009-12-31 17:09:53

Have a very happy New Year

GronmonSE responds:

Thanks, you too!


2010-02-26 19:27:45

That's something of interest.
Boy howdy.