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2010-03-13 15:12:10 by GronmonSE

This is an updated version of the previous portfolio I made.

All original songs (unless otherwise stated) were composed, mixed, and mastered by myself using FL Studio 8*. Click to listen to any of the songs.

A New Life v2 - This is what I used for my Berklee audition.
Sweeping Through Life
Sleepless Nights v2 - Most popular song on the gallery.
Hopes & Dreams***
Lost Causes
The Final Battle
Chaoz Fantasy Remix - Remixed from scratch, the original midi was not used.
Magic Runs Wild
Lost In Her Eyes
The Rising Tides
When Sadness Builds Up v2
Drifting Into Nothingness
Waiting For Her
As Time Passes By - The oldest song on the portfolio (not the gallery). Inferior sound quality but one my favorite ones because of its melodies.

Probably mislabeled a couple of the genres...

These are just 15 of the songs I like the most out of the submissions I've made over the past 2 and a half years. It doesn't necessarily mean they're the best songs, however. Feel free to browse around.

* Here are some screenshots of the process of making Sweeping Through Life:

Chorus Beat using the step sequencer
Chorus melody using the piano roll.
Part of the playlist and part of the mixer.

*** Beat at the beginning is a premade House loop.

As far as songs with only guitars go...

Sorrow Had Its Way
-Beautiful- - Accidentally mislabeled as blues.

For the full list of submissions, click here.


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