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LoZ: Dark World Techno remake?

2008-01-10 22:22:41 by GronmonSE

March 3rd: I released a remake of my original Zelda remix a couple of days ago, check it out here :D

On another note, my e-penis is currently size 13.

For those who don't follow, it's the number of people who have added me to their favorite audio artist list. Legasp! Short indeed, but I'm grateful :3


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2008-02-16 01:41:17

i can't wait to hear it :3


2008-02-22 16:45:37

Nice job keeping the classics alive. Check out my userpage for classic rock fun! XD
Also, if you like the band The Who, come join my who-based forum!

FORUM LINK -----> p <----- FORUM LINK


2008-03-04 23:39:03

or dicks are the same size

i'll make yours one inch larger tho ;)

GronmonSE responds:

Why, thank you good sir. I had already made yours larger a long time ago ;)


2008-03-24 17:30:33


GronmonSE responds:

Yes, indeed.


2008-03-25 06:39:29


GronmonSE responds:

I like your shirt.


2008-04-01 19:51:21

did you still want to do that collab?


2008-04-02 08:53:11

e-penis lol


2008-04-25 12:15:16

I played it for my friend on SL, and they all loved it :3


2008-06-18 20:06:19

You're baccccccccck!!!!! I was just thinking about you the other day (no homo), and whatever happened to you. Glad you haven't fell of the face of the earth :D

And yes I'd love to do a collab! Thanks for the comments and review!

GronmonSE responds:

I don't believe the no homo part. *shot*

And yeah, guess I'm back. In need of ideas too :D

Sent you a PM so we can work on the collab on MSN.